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Solo Mobili opens soon the first FURNITURE OUTLET

Solo Mobili opens soon in Cluj-Napoca, the first FURNITURE OUTLET with products in stock.

  • Exquisite quality products – Made in Italy
  • Permanently restored stocks
  • Colour customization
  • Producer level prices
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+40 264 442241 office@solomobili.ro
  • Certification: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001
  • Services

    Our Services

    Solo Mobili provides a range of services for finishing and customization of furniture in the desired colour or with various ornaments.

    Furniture colour customization

    Solo Mobili has its own painting workshop, at European standards, where all furniture colour customization operations are carried out. Various colour shades are obtained here through specific painting techniques, as well as distinctive finishes.

    *Small colour differences between the RAL code and the painted wood front may appear, depending on the wood essence of the front.

    Carpentry and furniture finishing

    At Solo Mobili headquartes, small carpentry and furniture finishing tasks are also being performed: panel cutting and cropping at specific dimensions, crafting of various ornaments and furniture accessories. Upon request, panels can be customized to your preferences.

    Ornament crafting

    Solo Mobili also provides a full range of cornices, plinths and various ornamental profiles (top, edge, plinth, corner, pyramid) to complement, custom and enhance the aspect of your furniture.

    Tops and edges production

    Our company delivers kitchen worktops and natural oak veneer edges in various shades.

    The worktop with natural oak veneer is available in various sizes and depths (42 or 57 mm) and can be used as a food preparation worktop as well as a table top. This fine quality product is both practical and easy to maintain, and it smoothly integrates in any kitchen style, either classic or modern, as it can be painted in various colours.

    Accessories that make a statement

    Tables and chairs

    Tables can be custom-made, using a variety of leg styles, dimensions and thickness, in the colour of your choice. The chairs have seats available in rattan, upholstered or wood.

    Handles and knobs

    A wide range of furniture handles and knobs are available at Solo Mobili. A few fine accents, in the shape of handles, can enhance the style of your furniture and create a great look.

    Small furniture

    To complement the range of available products, Solo Mobili provides small furniture in fine finishes and design: consoles, small tables, desks, bedside tables.

    Solo Mobili

    For Solo Mobili, customization and free combination of furniture elements are iconic for the freedom of contemporary culture.

    Solo Mobili

    The new brand allows for furniture customization through various painting techniques and special finishes.

    Solo Mobili

    The new Solo Mobili by HRM brand has encompassed in its DNA the desire for constant innovation, the versatility of expression of the modern home choices and habits, and the flexibility of customization for interiors.