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  • Our values

    Our values


    Solo Mobili Values – High quality products and innovative design solutions.

    The new Solo Mobili by HRM brand has encompassed in its DNA the desire for constant innovation, the versatility of expression of the modern home choices and habits, and the flexibility of customization for interiors. The new brand allows for furniture customization through various painting techniques and special finishes.

    The SOLO MOBILI showroom illustrates the reinvention of interior design performed by the company according to its core principles: selecting the highest quality materials, incorporating in each Solo Mobili product excellent craftsmanship and design, system functionality and reliability, a wide range of accessories that meet individual taste and requirements.

    The free combination of furniture elements, the modularity and diversity of furniture fronts’ profiles are proofs of how Solo Mobili products are prepared to transform any space around the world into a sophisticated and cosmopolitan one.

    For SOLO MOBILI, customization and free combination of furniture elements are iconic for the freedom of contemporary culture.

    The product customization concept

    The concept of customization for a standard product concerns the tailoring of dimensions, special painting and finishing techniques that are not used in mass production. It can cover full implementation of a project, in constant dialogue with the designer of the furniture

    Wood finishes in the workshop

    The Solo Mobili workshop is equipped to offer the opportunity to create and manufacture various products and furniture accessories which are not part of our standard collection. To perfect its product offer, Solo Mobili provides small furniture with exquisite design and fine finishes: consoles, small tables, desks, bedside tables.

    Finishing and customization of these objects can be done according to each customer’s desires and preferences. Through specific painting techniques different color shades can be obtained, as well as special finishes, such as the antique model. Small accents of colour, style and design in your home.

    Modularity – Functionality – Inovation – Design

    Solo Mobili employs all its creative and production resources with the purpose to improve its technological know-how, according to aesthetic and functional requirements. Each Solo Mobili product is a response to customer functional requirements. Modular systems are very flexible, cabinets are provided with custom solutions, accessories meet individual taste and demand.